Company portrait

The company Janus-Trans has been in business since march 2000 and specialised on secure transports for juwelers, goldsmiths and jewel salesmen. Our company is a registred and certified secure transporter and established itself as reliable service provider without a single case of damage.

High quality standards and the occupation of qualified employees are considered to be the prerequisite for our success. We offer a competent service- and backoffice team which guarantees pinpoint and punctual processing of all assignments.

Our drivers are characterised by neutral and competent  appearance. All drivers carry personalised service cards and are able to identify themselves at any time. The fact that our drivers are not in uniform and do not carry a weapon we guarantee comprehsive discretion. On request armed personel can be provided.

In order to transport your valuables most secure our transports are carried out in neutral vehicles which are fit with inbuild transportcages, alarm system and GPS. Our backoffice team checks the location of these vehicles on a regular basis. All vehicles and value depots are audited and secured by one of the most renowned insurance companies in Germany.

We transport worldwide and offer comprehensive service in the domain of deliverance/collection of commodities, scheduled transports, extra tours and cach on delivery transports.

You are not bound to a minimum purchase or order quantity. Orders can be conveniently transmitted via telephone or via our online order form.

For detailed information do not hesitate to contact our service/backoffice team at any time.